RhinoMarine 3.5.0 Hydrostatics & Stability Report

General Model Information
November 18, 2006 12:42:42 PM Version: RhinoMarine 3.5.0
Company Project Description
Walk On Water Designs 32.5' Tri
Parts Mirrored Up Direction Fluid Density Refinement Trimming
No Positive 64.045 pounds/feet^3 N/A N/A
File Type Path
Model C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\STORAGE\4TH QTR PRO\MODEL\working.3dm
HTML Output C:\Program Files\Proteus Engineering\RhinoMarine\default.htm

Upright Condition
Flotation Plane Definition Units (feet)
Constant N (longitudinal) N (transverse) N (vertical)
0.000 0.000 0.000 1.000
Overall Dimensions Units (feet)
Name Value Min Max
Length OA 32.500 -0.725 31.775
Length WL 30.068 -0.003 30.065
Beam OA 24.564 -12.282 12.282
Beam WL 22.913 -11.456 11.456
Depth 5.253
Freeboard 4.005
Draft 1.248
Integrated Properties Units ( feet, feet^2 , feet^3 , pounds)
Name Value Name Value
Volume 66.210 Displacement 4,240.423
LCB 16.453 LCB/LWL 0.547
TCB 0.000 VCB -0.453
Max Section Area 0.000 Long'l Loc Max Area 0.000
Wetted Surface 120.231 Wetted Centroid (longitudinal) 15.992
Wetted Centroid (transverse) 0.000
Wetted Centroid (vertical) -0.626
Displacement-Length Ratio 69.642
Waterplane Properties Units ( feet, feet^2 , feet^3 , pounds/in, feet-pounds/in)
Name Value Name Value
LCF 16.354 LCF/LWL 0.544
TCF 0.000 VCF 0.000
M Trans 16.871 M Long 74.800
BM Trans 17.324 BM Long 75.254
Area WP 97.141 Weight to Immerse 518.451
Moment to Trim 879.092 Metacentric Shelf Slope 0.000
Neutral Axis Angle 0.000 Metacentric Shelf Intercept 0.000
Form Coefficients Units (N/A)
Name Value Name Value
Cb 0.077 Cwp 0.141
Cx 0.000 Cp 0.000
Cp aft 0.000 Cp fwd 0.000

  1. Dimensions are given relative to coordinate system origin, except for M Trans and M Long which are given relative to the resultant waterplane.
  2. Accuracy of calculations is affected by the density of points in the surface mesh.
  3. All coefficients are based on LWL and maximum draft above.
  4. The accuracy of the sectional area curve, maximum section area and location, and prismatic and midship section coefficients are affected by the surface mesh density, and the number and location of defined stations. In addition, for trimmed waterplanes the sections are no longer exactly perpendicular to the waterplane, also affecting accuracy.
  5. The displacement-length ratio is defined as the computed vessel displacement in long tons divided by the cube of one-hundredth of the waterline length in feet.
  6. The moment to change trim is computed with the assumption that the center of gravity is at the flotation plane.